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59. carve our names into a tree

20, 26, 28, 57

we did all those; just didn’t take pictures!

we got drunk a few times;p lmao kinda drew with chalk, kinda did a chinese fire drill, and we kinda watched fireworks ;p

61. go mattress surfing

60. ride on a boat

our life jackets :)

court tubing!

annd me

^and then us in the car when we got lost

39. Go night swimming

Or just jump(get pushed) in the pool at two in the morning.. Lol here’re the after pictures

cliche best friend summer pictures!

25. take a jumping picture

wahoooo two in the morning, we probably scared the neighbors a bit and had to watch out for crazy skunks

lol this is only a few, but we tried!

and our favorite…

47. lie in a road at night

no words to describe this

aweeee when we were laughing!